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Austin High Literary Journal's Journal

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27th September 2004

crazyman_bob11:06pm: Hey all, this is the first post on The Beacons LJ community in quite some time, but I'm posting to let everyone know that we're planning on starting things back up again. The web site has been updated at http://thebeacons.cjb.net for those interested, when I have more info I will update it again. I hope to turn this thing back into a poetry forum like it originally was (tried to be?) so we can move things along.

Thanks kids,

21st February 2004

supercaso12:19pm: Attention all artists, and photographers!
Attention all haikuists and playwrights!
Attention all authors, and poets, patrons of the sonnet, limerick, or free verse!
Attention all creative persons!

The Austin High School writer's group, The Beacons, is now accepting submissions for their second annual self-titled literary journal!

If you wish to display your works to the greater artistic community of Austin High, and also of the Austin community, submit your polished poetry, prose, photographs, and artwork to the Beacons!

Folders for accepting submissions can be found in all English classrooms, the photography room, and the art room. There is also a box for submissions in the library!

With your work, please include your name, your second period teacher, and your phone number. If you wish for your work to be returned to you, please include a self-adressed stamped envelope into which the piece will fit to your liking.

The submission deadline is MARCH 5. Don't wait to be a part of this exclusive and honored group!
Current Mood: creative

5th February 2004

mishka1212:08am: BEACONS NIGHT OUT

february 5, 2004
preas theatre

p.s. no one ever writes in this...

17th December 2003

supercaso10:15pm: I've never actually moderated a community, and I'm just doing this one for fun, so I'm not really sure how well it will work for me to moderate. If someone else wants to moderate in addition to me, I will be happy to grant it. In the meantime, have fun with this forum!
nordeme9:47pm: Well it's about damn time :)
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